The World-Famous Tipton Bakery Crescentâ„¢

The Crescent is a melt in your mouth little bit of Heaven.

How far have you traveled for a Tipton Bakery Crescentâ„¢?

The Hartog family opened Tipton Bakery in 1928, introducing their amazing Tipton Bakery Crescentâ„¢ that has been a signature item for the last 85 years! People have traveled from all over for our traditional crescent roll, going so far as to pull off the highway when they see Tipton just to stop for a crescent! These crescents are so popular that they've also been shipped nationwide as well as globally, going as far as Australia, Afghanistan and South Korea!

Our Crescent Map!

Our Crescent Map!

Each pin marks where we've shipped crescents - Click to Enlarge