Donuts & Pastries

Everyone goes nuts for Tiffiny's Tipton Bakery's donuts!

One of life's little pleasures, fresh donuts make every day feel like a special occasion.

There's never a bad time to grab a donut, especially when they're fresh-made in a local bakery. Tiffiny's Tipton Bakery donuts are chewy and delicious, made with fresh ingredients in our bakery daily. We carry a variety of different kinds of donuts as well as apple fritters, caramel apple fritters, delicious filled turnovers and pastries, cinnamon raisin crispies and long johns. Stop by today and get some goodies - you won't be disappointed!

Dear Tiffany,

You have the best tasting doughnuts ever!!! Alicia has picked up your boxes numerous times, and we just had a week celebrating the Environmental Services Department. She picked up dozens of your doughnuts for our four campuses. Enclosed is a little thank you note from several of the people at the Rock Island campus that raved about your doughnuts. not only are they beautiful to look at, but then to bite into one is like going to heaven.

We just wanted to say "Thank You" and tell you how much you made our week special, and any other time Alicia brings in a box, we all smile from ear to ear.

Christine H. P.
Environmental Services Office Coordinator