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Great Bakery, Great Service!

We were cruising through Iowa and had to stop for the world-renowned "crescent". Ok, so to tell the truth I thought a crescent was something out of a Pillsbury tube. Now I have a new definition of crescent........delicious! It is like a long doughnut filled with just the right amount of whipped frosting. An amazing balance of sweet and fat hits your tongue and you will want to go back for more as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I live 300 miles away but I understand they will ship them to your door. Oh yeah, they have other great bakery stuff too and Tiffany and her team are fantastic but the CRESCENT is the reason I will detour through Tipton whenever possible.

- Jennifer E. (from TripAdvisor.com)

Small town taste, with big town talent!!

Most amazing bakery EVER!! YOU CAN'T DRIVE PAST THIS PLACE!!! We walked in, and naturally, expect to look around, but the incredible aroma is astounding!!! The place is filled with home-baked love and smiles. Everyone is more than glad to help, from their cookies to cakes and everything in between. If you drive past this place without stopping, you will miss one of the greatest opportunities EVER!!! Please, stop in and try a bit of ANYTHING!

- nitsirkk (from TripAdvisor.com)

Now this is the way to get a trip started right. #blueberrydonutsforlife #vanoortadventures

Fresh donuts And more

My family loves this place. It's a weekly stop for us. My youngest loves the cookies. We take them to school for his snack day. I just love that the donuts are fresh. Everybody gets what they want.

- Antivulcan (from TripAdvisor.com)

Worth every calorie

This bakery is simply amazing. Everything we bought had that home made taste. We had breakfast items as well as fresh baked rolls to take home. We later found out that the cake at the party we were attending was also made at this bakery. I just wish I lived closer

- Duff17 (from TripAdvisor.com)

When you are in Tipton, Iowa- you get the croissants. #nonnegotiable #yesipreordered #theyarelegendary #dontjudge #worththedrive #extrasmaynotmakeithome #sorrypeter

Best pastry ever

I have never met a donut that I didn't like. But, I'm here to tell you, this place serves little bits of heaven. The crescents are mouth watering. Omg. Seriously, heaven.

- Michelle M. (from TripAdvisor.com)

Good bakery

Our friends used to live in Tipton, and they brought us a crescent wow, what a lovely delight, it is sort of like a fluffy creamy filled doughnut in the crescent shape, simply delicious. We bought some crescents and some twists, and took them home.

- Carolyn H. (from TripAdvisor.com)

Lunch date today ☺ #cantbeatsmalltowncookin #mmmgood

They are the best!! Anyone in the Tipton and surrounding area will tell you where there sweet tooth was first cut.

- Cheryl P.

I love this bakery. :-) they have the best and freshest donuts I have tasted since, I moved to Iowa.

- Bev D.

Happy Friday!! #donutday #fridayfeeling

Shopping small should always start at the bakery. #tiffinystiptonbakery #shopsmall

They make and have made for as long as I can remember (which is a long time now) the best bakery rolls of any bakeries I've tried around the US. I wish our bakery here had their rolls although probably for my weight it's good they don't!

- Wendy N.

Sugar Shack

Zero atmosphere, eight plastic seats jammed together, located in the middle of absolutely nowhere, ah but the donuts, the donuts are inspired. Old Dutch recipes, thanks to Grandma. Closed Monday we discovered the hard way; limited hours, so check before coming all the way out here. Famous for some kind of cream filled crescent thing, but the apple fritter I had with a quite decent cuppa joe was mind-numbingly, sugar coma-inducingly perfect. Crispy outside nuggets, faint suggestion of fall apples inside, light glaze. Talking shivers, folks. Is it a pain getting here? Definitely. Is it worth your effort? Gentlemen, start your engines.

- YourTravelingFriend (from TripAdvisor.com)

Great Pastries for the road

Stopped by on our way out of town for some road snacks. Great selection allowed everyone to get exactly what they wanted, and everything was just as delicious as it looked! Very friendly and helpful staff.

- Cwinterb13 (from TripAdvisor.com)

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